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1) The service is truly free?
The service is completely free.

2) What is prohibited?
You see regulations.

3) How I admin my account?
You approach the control panel making the login from our homepage inserting username and password.

4) I can create, modify directly, rename files or folders from the control panel?
It is possible from the section File Manager.

5) What is ftp?
Through a program that calls client ftp, you can fastly load files on your web space.

6) I can approach quickly via ftp?
Account the ftp is active from quickly, not as soon as the recording procedure is finished.

7) That data I must use in order to connect itself via ftp?
As hostname uses your domain, and like username and password, the same ones that you have chosen during the recording procedure. The door is the 21. It finds the riepilogo of the data of access also in the control panel.
If you do not have client a ftp, we advise FileZilla to you, releasable from this site.

8) There are restrictions via ftp?
Some. It is authorized to load single rows with the authorized extensions and the maximum largeness of every rows is of 8 megabyte.

9) Which are the authorized extensions?

10) In necessity case I can demand the possibility to load rows also with other extensions?
It is possible. It must hold account that never will not be authorized the extensions .mp3, .wav, .wave, .wma.

11) The extensions .avi, .mpg or others are authorized upon request?
Yes, but it is possible to load video with max 3 megabyte, because this is the authorized maximum limit for every rows.

12) It is possible to demand an increase of the maximum largeness of 3 megabyte for rows?
, But it must send a demand with an explanation for because this increase is demanded.

13) I can demand more space web or greater band salary?
Yes, but must send a demand with an explanation for because these increases are demanded

14) It is possible to create a forum where is spoken also about rows sharing?
Yes, but without never to insert link to rows that are found in this type of programs!

15) Are 500 mega of space web only excluded the space of the database mysql?
Yes, the mysql space limitless and is counted separately.

16) Why in the graphic of the occupied mysql space I see a limit of 250 mega?
It is only a control limit, but it can be exceeded without problems.

17) I would want to open a trades site them, I can?
It is authorized to open trades sites.

18) I would want to open a site for adults, I can?
It is authorized to open sites for adults, but only specifying the category “Erotismo” at the moment of the registration.

19) It is possible to link images or files from other spaces web?
Not, because it involves a waste of band and possible cargo problems for the server.

20) It is possible to use the space web as warehouse of rows for the solo download?
Absolutely not. Like saying on, it is impossible to linkare rows from other server and is forbidden to create pages mirror on our server in order to only concur the download of rows linkati from other server. All the site dev' to be on our server.

20) Which version of php on hand I have?
Version 4.4.6

21) There are restrictions that can create problems with my scripts php?
There is some restriction, but they would not have to give problems.

22) The SAFE-MODE is on or off?
It is off in order to run scripts at best.

23) How I create and I manage database a MYSQL?
From your control panel cliccando on icon written MYSQL Database. You must before create a database, a user and then associate this user to the database choosing the permissions that you want to give this user. We advise to choose all them.

24) Which version of MYSQL is installed?
The 4.1.22.

25) How never you do not have chosen to use PHP 5.x/MYSQL 5.x?
For the compatibility problems that they have many scripts of some year make.

26) If you had need of PHP 5.x/MYSQL 5.x as I can make?
Between some time it is probable that we will create an other service of web hosting free with these versions of php and mysql.

27) There are installed GD libraries?

28) I can change the permissions to the files and to the cartelle?
Yes, via ftp and also from the editor in your control panel.

29) Is possible the addition of a domain to my space web?
Yes, is possibile add 2 domains for account.

30) I can use the files .htaccess?
Not, it is disabled for caution reasons, but however from your panel you can however manage eventual errors 404 and ban of IP. You can request .htaccess activation with post on Help Forum.

31) If my site becomes big visited there is the risk that comes cancelled for uses exaggerated of resources?
Yes, it could come darkened, but before we will perceive the webmaster in order to agree a possible solution.

32) My site will come cancelled if I remain much time that I do not modernize it?
Not, but it must receive from time to time of the visits. The abandoned sites that they do not receive visits from 90 days, can be cancelled.


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